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We have been long dedicated to breeding quality, pure bred Bully Bulldogs. The big, muscular physique of show dogs can be attributed to the strain of dog and the diet. What most dog owners don't know is that show dogs are often fed a diet of raw meat. We use Performance  Raw Dog Food. A raw diet makes the difference in a world class healthy dog vs. the average dog. If you want your dog to look better, feel better, and live longer him/her a raw dog food diet. We supply and recommend Performance.

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Family Kennels provides premium quality show dogs of bully breed. We offer raw dog food that is essential to healthy show dog quality. We sell dog products for your family pets. We also have a blog

where you can ask questions, and make post about anything in the dog community.

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5045 C Memorial Drive 
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Eric (404)879-8677 or Quick (678)349-8766

Eric (404)879-8677 or Quick (678)349-8766

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